SinoPharm COVID-19 Vaccine

BBIBP-CorV, Sinopharm/Beijing Institute of Biological Products



  • SinoPharm COVID-19 vaccine, BBIBP-CorV

Authorized for Use in

  • China. WHO EUL.  Meets US Entry requirements.


  • ≥ 18 yrs


  • Inactivated

Primary Dosing

  • 2 doses 14 or 21 days apart

Booster Dosing

  • WHO EUL recommends 3rd dose for persons over 60 yrs and 1-3 months after dose 2 in immunocompromised but labels as 3rd dose in a primary series.
  • Three doses of mRNA vaccine is the only current effective strategy against the Omicron variant


  • WHO allows another kind of vaccine to be used for Dose 3. 
  • CDC recommends that persons aged ≥ 18 years (including moderately or severely immunocompromised persons who received an additional primary dose) who were fully vaccinated with a WHO EUL vaccine not authorized/approved by US FDA or with a heterologous series composed of any FDA-authorized/approved or WHO EUL authorized vaccine are eligible to receive a single booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine (0.3 mL; 30 µg) at least 6 months after completion of their primary series under the existing age guidelines as for Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Practically, either mRNA vaccine may be used for a booster in this situation.


  • 2-8°C (36-46°F)


Overall against symptomatic disease

  • 78% (WHO EUL approval analysis)

Real world against hospitalization

  • No data

Age > 65 years

  • Little data for age > 60 yrs


  • Not approved

Against severe disease / death

  • No data

Against asymptomatic infection / transmission

  • No data

Duration of efficacy after final dose

  • No data



  • No data


  • No data

Not contraindications

  • No data

Adverse effects

  • No data

Special Needs Populations


  • No data

Immunocompromised / HIV

  • WHO recommends 3 dose primary series with dose 3 at 1-3 months following dose 2. WHO allows another kind of vaccine to be used for Dose 3.